Rainbow Pre-School Cranbrook

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About Rainbow

Rainbow was founded in 1982 and is situated behind the Congregational Church in the High Street. The Pre-School is a central part of Cranbrook and continues to participate in wider Town life and activities throughout the year. We are Ofsted regulated with Charity status, and operate as a Committee run Pre-School. Our current Ofsted rating is GOOD


Our values and approach

We provide a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment to encourage healthy development across the key areas outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. We treat each child as an individual, with their own talents, abilities, personality and learning style. Our highly qualified staff are committed to working with each child within their own comfort zone, to support healthy development of the whole person.

We take a child-led approach to play and learning, however we also have some structured ‘together’ time, usually at the beginning and end of a session, as we believe this teaches children important social skills. We have strong relationships with local primary schools, and actively seek to prepare the children in our care for that transition by cultivating a love of learning.

Our ethos

Rainbow is affiliated to the Congregational Church, though we welcome children from all backgrounds and are sensitive to respect other traditions. We celebrate the main Christian and festivals such as Easter and Christmas, and occasionally hold child-friendly services in the Congregational Church to celebrate significant events, which parents are invited to attend (e.g. Mothers’ Day). We also celebrate local and national festivals, with the exception of Halloween.

We’re a Committee-led Pre-School

Rainbow is run by the Elected Committee who all volunteer their time. Our Officers include parents and local community workers who are registered with Ofsted and assist the staff in delivering high quality early years education. The Committee are always looking for parents who are willing to offer their time and skills: helping out at a fundraising event, donating items, baking cakes or joining a project team. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.